The Covenant of Day and Night

The covenant of day and night….are found in Ps. 51:6 we are to light our desire to the desire of G-D and the purpose for our first breath. The covenant of heaven and earth that keeps the law written on both sides above and below, on the hearts and minds of the sons of G-D who labor in the earth putting sin out of themselves, with the blessings of G-D and the help in keeping in that they journey through life below, so to re-turn above having been given the second breath of the Almighty G-D in holy union with heaven and earth. We are to return male and female in the creation we were first made in–with–out–sin–the mirror image of G-D –Man male & female–as a son of the LIVING G-D OF HEAVEN N EARTH.

READ: Psalm 2:7 The declare DECREE: the sons of G-D brought forth.
Genesis 28:20 Asking G-D’S help in keeping in the state of peace, so as to re-turn to the HOUSE OF G-D.
Psalm 51:6 Were we light our desire from the burning desire of G-D for us to know Him in the HIDDEN PART–
THE HOUSE OF G-D–were we are sealed with the TWO SIDED LAW that is to be obeyed as it is in heaven on earth….it is within our inward parts, heart and mind, we are the vessel, the ark, that contains the documents, the covenant of day and night the ordinances of heaven and earth.

WE ARE THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID…..BELOW–THE TENT–COVERED WITH SKIN–WHO INWARD PARTS ARE WIRTTEN THE LAW OF HEAVEN AND EARTH–WE HAVE SET G-D AS A SEAL UPON OUR HEARTS –WE ARE SERVANTS OF G-D–WHO’S G-D IS THE G-D OF ABRAHAM, THE G-D OF ISAAC AND THE G-D OF JACOB–this is the name G-D gave Moses, who lead the people below, and broke the two-sided law of heaven and earth–so they walked in error into the promise land below. (Ex. 15:3) OUR FIRST BREATH… IS THE PURPOSE FOR OR SECOND BREATH…THE KISS OF THE ALMIGHTY’S ETERNAL BREATH. For all else…is nothing…dust to dust, ashes to ashes but Spirit to spirit.

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