Black church leaders say priests’ misdeeds should not overshadow Catholic ‘great deeds’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Black church leaders say priests’ misdeeds should not overshadow Catholic ‘great deeds’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

 Nothing good can come out of a lie and deceit.   We must trun form it, to see and hear the One True G-D of Heaven and Earth.   One lie and One deceit, turned man and woman, out and brought down death to all of mankind.   The fallen of heaven, the angels that seeded with woman, Genesis 6, that brought us chaos, to G-D’S plan and the creation of man-male and female, the mirror image of G-D of Heaven and Earth, the Living G-D.   So, it is G-D who will Savior His holy seeds from the earth, His declare decree for us to be brought forth, in the mirror image we were first created in.    This is the day, the appointed ordinances of heaven and earth…..a holy seed, is given up and the breath of the Almighty G-D gives us life.  Job 33:4  Psalm 2:7   Psalm 101  putting sin out  Gen.27:27

In truth and wisdom we should seek our G-D alone.   Just you and G-D, trust in no man or woman, only G-D.   That is why it is written in scripture….let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.      We give our ears to religious leaders….telling us church law.    LOOK at how many diffrent church laws there are.   We say we believe, but do we?    Are we trusting in G-D alone to lead us by the hand, as G-D says He did in Jer. 31:32?    G-D gave us an everlasting covenant, of day and night, we are to keep the fire of G-D’S desire burning day and night in our inward parts, and write them on our hearts, as it is in heaven, so shall it be on the earth, sin will not be let in.   We need G-D’S help, and we must ask for it, for G-D does not come near, unless we are in labor putting sin out—-our actions speak for us.   Take time read Genesis 28:27 see what was given for the journey home.     And see how G-D comes to us, Genesis 27:27.    Set G-D As A Seal Upon Your Hearts—read Psalm 51:6 the covenant of day and night Jer.33:26.      And make note of Jer. 31:27  and Jer. 32:27  this was done to give all a chance at life.    We all now have FREE WILL to chose……the gods….or G-D we want to call Father.   

It is written:  He will call out to ME,   YOU are my FATHER, my G-D, the ROCK my SAVIOR.’ Psalm 89:26

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