The Gate of Tears

The gate of tears, leads us to utter a song and praise to the holy One, that know one ever sung, for each soul has its own note; of praise to hit when we sing. This is our eternity and our victory and shows us that repented heart with praise as prayer in song makes us victorious over the forces of darkness. Tears that fall from our eyes reach deep with in our hearts that hits the strings of our hearts, and we declare our selves to G-D’S will, and unite with our other side. The Declare Decree of the ordinances of heaven and earth. Only through the presence of the Spirit of G-D helping us to know truth and wisdom in the hidden part shows us our purpose and our spiritual speech and how to induce the presence of our Father in heaven. We must learn the correct use of our hearts to call upon the G-D of heaven and earth, that will haste the end of our sins and exile.

David cry out in Psalm, 101 1, I will sing of mercy and judgment; unto Thee, O LORD, will I sing.
2, I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O WHEN WILT THOU COME UNTO ME? I will walkwithin my house with a perfect heart.

We are all so taken in prayer as a warrior, for our prayers go trough the gate with such force from with in our hearts, in song makes us victorious and victory shows us that praise as prayer or in song makes us victorious oer the forces darkness an engender as opportunity for prophecy. When we speak from our hearts, what we see in our midst as our trouble the Spirit of G-D helps and joins in out song or praise, then when Her our Mothers voice goes up all that have not fallen out of grace with G-D sing with us. The Darkness that fell, go in fear, the battle is won. The Spirit of G-D that made us flesh, is making us ready at the quarry here below. read Job 33:4 & 1 Kings 6:7. We when we start, our purpose is to make the Spirit of G-D to draw near, so She will teach the correct use of speech will hasten the end of our trouble. The nature of our environment , is important in our prayers for all that is in the earth belongs to G-D and G-D’S government rest upon the sons of G-D that have been given the second breath from the Almighty G-D of Heaven and Earth. We are the vessel here on earth, for the eternal Living G-D, in truth, and in wisdom the Spirit in our lives and in the spiritual worlds from which our soul derives their power and glory we are nothing, with out G-D with us.

Prayer in the silence of our hearts and minds in holy union with the spirit within us that came from the G-D of heaven an earth, with the help of the Spirit of G-D with us in spirit we can endow the world with the shine of the Or En So, from the end to the beginning. From the shine of our mouths come the light of eternity. Our prayer is the highest form of speech, and the Spirit of G-D helping us shows our purpose. This is the part of living in G-D our Dwelling Place, the Rock the Tall Tower of Strength, the Mountain of the LORD, the hidden part, it is to develop proliferate through prayer. we receive the seed of love of the Creator to plant in our hearts and others —THE HOLY OF HOLIES— the material womb of prayer.

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  • John  On August 17, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    I think youre a demon

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