What Are The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

We are in the lie and deceit of the horror of great darkness Abrahm found him self while he looked for G-D as Solomon looked for G-D.   They were both taken in for a while, until G-D smelled the labor of them putting sin out as it is in heaven.  G-D drew near them the G-D of heaven and earth, and blessed the labor and gave them their second breath, on their appointed day that is given to all days that come and go.   Read:  Gen. 15:12 and Solomon’s Song 3:3 and Ezekiel 13:20,21,22,23 and Eph. 6:12.

We are in the Horror of Great Darkness, from the angelic religions of this world.    The Wachman and Kerchiefs that hunt us when we seek the One our soul does love.   They have killed all that G-D sends to warn us.   Jesus an good Jewish young man, called them sons of devils, they had him killed.   These were not the Jewish poeple, they are the Watchman and Kerchiefs that are in high places to war and hunt the souls of G-D.    Jesus was not G-D, but they took the message he was trying to bring the people like Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel and others.

He desired the fire of heaven from G-D’S own heart to light his desire to serve G-D of heaven and earth day and night keeping sin out.   He over came the world and the darkness and was *made to “know”, truth and wisdom in the hidden part.   read Psalm 51:6  and make note: Those the Watcherman took in to the lie and deceit who were looking for G-D and were given the false god, our Messiah, G-D will Deliver His peole from their hands read Jer. 31:33 and Ezekiel 13:20,21,22,23.

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